Monday, March 30, 2009

UPDATED LINKS for Hippity Hoppity Bunny Parade Kit

Sorry for the problems with the link to my 4-shared folder. I checked it after I uploaded and it was working then. But, obviously didn't work for very long. Please go to the original post below and you will see the links to click on under the kit preview. Thanks for letting me know about the problem and if you have any more problems please let me know!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Bunny Parade FREEBIE Kit is HERE!

My trip north for my granddaughter's birthday turned out well. I had to fight a hard rain for the 4 hour drive. As I was driving I kept wondering when I was going to hit the freezing rain and snow. It turned out that I made it all the way with no freezing precipitation. When I got there I went into Walgreen's to get her birthday card. I was only in there 10 minutes and when I came out the sleet had just started. We went to the YMCA where she had a gymnastics birthday party. They had all the equipment out; trampoline, balance beams, uneven parallel bars, and tumbling mats around the whole gymnasium. They also played Twister, Hula Hoops, and some other games too. The YMCA provided all the decorations, cake, party favors, balloons, and 3 gymnastic coaches too. It was very inexpensive and the kids had SO much fun! Of course, I was there as the "official" photographer. I took something like 200 pics because catching those action shots is very difficult but I did manage to get a few. Grandpa and I bought her the new leotard she wanted so bad! I think she would like to be on the "Flying Ariels" team, which is the Y's traveling competition team. She just started gymnastics 6 months ago and is taking to it like a fish does to water. I can't wait to scrapbook some of these pics. When we came out of the YMCA there was about 3-4 inches of sleet. Overnight we got snow on top of that. However, by the time I left this afternoon, the streets were cleared, the sun was out, and it was melting fast. A beautiful sunny day in the 50's was all I saw on the way home! We have a saying here in Missouri, "If you don't like the weather, stick around it'll change!"
Oh.....are you still here? LOL! Would you like to have my newest freebie kit? I asked for suggestions for a kit name and the winner would receive a gift from me. Well, my husband had a hard time picking out the winner and so I decided to use BOTH ideas! So there are 2 winners, Loosie Goosie suggested Hippity Hoppity and Diane suggested Sweet Bunny Parade. I put them together and came up with "HIPPITY HOPPITY BUNNY PARADE". So congratulations ladies...I will be contacting both of you with a link for a coordinating kit. Thanks everyone so much for all your ideas. I may do this again sometime. I didn't have time to make a preview that shows everything in this kit. But it does include 26 papers and 67 elements. I can't seem to do a small kit! I broke it down into 6 links so it would be easier to download. Make sure you get all 6 links!
You can find the links for my "Hippity Hoppy Bunny Parade" FREEBIE kit below.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Quick Page FREEBIE and Layout

Here is another Spring quick page freebie for you! I used it to make a layout of my granddaughter, Rilyn. Isn't she a cutie in her tie-dye! I have the kit finished now, I just need to package it up for you. I should hopefully have it ready for you tonight. If not, then I will have it ready by Sunday evening. So check back, and I will also be announcing the winner of the "Name My Kit" contest. There have been alot of cute and clever names submitted. My husband, George, will be picking out the winner this evening.
And here is the QP Freebie link for you. Just click HERE.

I am heading north tomorrow morning for my oldest granddaughter's birthday. Kendra will be 10 years old on Sunday. The crazy weather we are having now is going to try to give me problems driving the 4 hours to get there. They are predicting 6-9 inches of snow for Kansas City which is only 90 miles from where I am going. So I wouldn't mind having your pray for a safe trip for me. I can't miss her birthday, and it will be another month before I have a weekend off.

I hope all of you have a safe and happy weekend wherever you are! HUGS!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Plaid Easter QP FREEBIE

Hi everyone! I had a great day at work today which helps to put me in a great frame of mind. I hope each of you had an enjoyable day and enjoy the rest of the weekend too. As promised, I have the next Easter QP for you. This kit has been a lot of fun in the making and I am enjoying making these quick pages for you. I hope you can get some use from it! So without further adieu...

You can download it by clicking HERE.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Purple Easter QP FREEBIE

I finally added labels to my posts to make it easier for you to find links that you are looking for. I'm sure this will make it a lot easier for you. You can find them above my archives. My husband made it home this morning and I will let him choose the name for my Easter kit from those that are submitted. It's not ready yet, so I am still taking suggestions for names. Any more submissions? And while you are waiting I have some more quick pages to give you. I will give you one of them today and another one tomorrow.
You can download this one by clicking HERE.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another QP FREEBIE and New Kit Preview

I have another QP Freebie for you. I am also posting a preview of what I've done for this new kit already. When I'm done with it I will be posting the link for you.

Download by clicking HERE.

This is a layout I made with this quick page. My girls called these dresses their "Cotton Candy" dresses; lots of tulle, lace, and pink!

I'm still hoping you will help me name this kit. I've never asked anyone to help before, but my husband is out on the road and not here to help me. Any ideas??? I'm waiting..... Just leave your idea for this kit in the comments for this post or in my shoutbox.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Here's Another QP FREEBIE for Easter

I must really like these pastel colors. I started thinking that I've done these before and I found this Easter QP that I made last year for myself. I thought I'd give this one to you too! I hope you like this. It is one of my personal favorites. In the zip file I have also included a QP without the date on it so you can use it for older pictures too!

You can pick this one up by clicking HERE.

Here is a layout of my granddaughter's Easter picture when she was only 2. She will be 10 years old at the end of this month.

Springtime QP FREEBIE and this kit needs a name!

Hellllloooooooo everybody in scrapland! I've been really busy at work! Wooo! Double Wooo! I haven't meant to ignore you. I'm still working on a kit for you with a spring and Easter theme. I decided to go ahead and give you a quick page made from it. But for some reason, I'm having a hard time coming up with a name for it. you reckon you could help me with it? Just leave a comment here on my blog (NOT 4-shared, please) with your idea for a name. I will choose a winner and they will get an extra surprise from me! Not sure what yet, but I'll make sure it's good!

You can pick it up by clicking HERE.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Redecorated My Blog

I am so excited that I actually got more in depth with decorating my blog. It took awhile but I really like the new look! Many thanks to Jeanette at Easy Custom Blogs for her easy to follow blog tutorials. If your blog needs a facelift, I recommend you hop on over and see her. You won't be sorry! I used my Paisley Passion kit for this project. If you haven't picked this kit up yet, you can still do so. Let me know what you think!

And Happy March to everyone.....finally I feel Spring coming!