Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Alpha Freebies and Another New Grandbaby!!!

I am so excited to be able to finally share with you that my daughter, Traci, and her husband, Josh, have announced that she is pregnant! This baby will be due just 3 days after my birthday in June. That will bring us up to 6 grandkids; three of them in 9 months! My family is growing like CRAZY!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Good thing this baby kit is so BIG! With 3 new babies to scrap I will be able to use all of it and every page should look unique! So to celebrate her announcement I am giving you the alphas I made to go with the "Vintage Victorian Baby" kit. These have a translucent edge on them that allow whatever paper you use to show through. ENJOY!
Blue Alpha Link HERE.
Pink Alpha Link HERE.
Green Alpha Link HERE.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Layouts by YOU! Thanks!

Here are some layouts created by some of you with my "Vintage Victorian Baby" kit. These are the cutest sweetest baby pics!
Here is a layout created by Christine. Isn't little Jessica precious! Thanks Christine! This turned out beautiful!These next 2 layouts were made by Micky. I love how she made these coordinate by using the eyelet trim around the edges. These babies look so contented! Thanks Micky, these are awesome!

Iris scrapped this next layout. I love how she made the tag into a frame for the name plaque. It looks so delicate too by using the black and white pics of this little cutie-pie. Terrific layout, Iris! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Boy Blue Collection FREEBIE!

All of your wonderful comments have thrilled me so much that I have another part of the Vintage Victorian Baby kit for you! I am giving you one for the boys now. I call this one the "Little Boy Blue Collection".
You can find the link HERE!

And like I said before, if you make a layout with it that I can post here on my blog I will give you a BIG surprise! Just ask Lisa who has already sent this layout to me of Caitlin Belle! What a pretty name for such a sweet baby girl! Thanks Lisa! I love it!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Rosebud Collection Freebie

Thank you! I had some really nice comments from you, my scrapbooking friends, and I wanted to thank you by giving you a kit I made for you from the "Vintage Victorian Baby" kit. I call this one "Little Rosebud Collection". I sincerely appreciate all your comments, so keep them coming and there might be more for you! (wink, wink) And I would really LOVE to see the layouts that you make using this! How about a special gift for those who do layouts and send them to me!Get the "Little Rosebud Collection" by clicking HERE!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Remembering Nicole

Today is the one and a half year anniversary of my niece, Nicole, joining Jesus in Heaven. So hard to believe that it has been this long, as the memories and pain of her absence are still fresh as if it was just yesterday. I purchased Valerie Hurly's Plumbago kit and made the QP for a Quick Page Exchange at GoDigitalScrapbooking.com. It seemed just perfect for scrapping Nicole.
I have also re-uploaded the link for the pearl bracelet freebie. Thanks Christina for your beautiful comment and alerting me that the link wasn't working. As long as I have storage space on my 4-shared account I will leave the freebies up. Please let me know if any of you encounter problems so I can fix it for you.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vintage Victorian Baby Kit Is Now DONE and a Freebie too!!!

Oh my goodness! You want to hear a good one! This kit was supposed to be called "Vintage Baby" but I made all the previews say "Victorian Baby". I am definitely having a senior moment. It would be too much to go back and redo all those previews so I am going to call it "Vintage Victorian Baby". LOL!!! I finally got it done!!! This has been an intense labor-of-love for me because of my brand new granddaughter and now a new grandson too! Woo Hoo!! Babies are raining down from heaven! Here are the previews for this GIGANTIC MEGA KIT!
Now please allow me to be a gushing grandma! Here is a picture of my new grandson, Nickoli Edward, born October 5th! Lots of grandchildren to scrap pages for now! Nickoli makes #5!!!
Isn't he just adorable!!!
And how about a freebie!!! I am going to put a condition on this freebie though. Being new to designing I NEED some feedback in the way of comments so I know whether to keep them coming or just give up. LOL! I would eventually like to sell in a store when I am good enough. The Quick Pages were downloaded 219 times at the last count but I only received 11 comments (thank you to those 11 wonderfully kind people). I felt like throwing in the towel. :(
I do enjoy making these for my own pics and layouts, but I don't really need to offer them as freebies unless I know that this is something you truly appreciate. It doesn't take long to leave a simple thank you or word of encouragement as you download, as it took MANY hours for me to make them. Well, enough preaching...I will have to see if this works. So without further ado...here is the link to a freebie. A pair of silk embroidered booties. I love these! Let me know what YOU think