Sunday, November 30, 2008

Frosty Wonderland Kit Freebie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are now launched into the official Christmas season as was evident by the shoppers out on "Black Friday". I know I was a little worried what the sales might be like since this is the first holiday season I worked in cosmetics. My counter's sales almost doubled over what was sold last year. That was a shock! But, I guess if the ladies can't afford a new purse or pair of shoes, they will spend money on a new lipstick. That same day I had one of my ladies quit and a couple of others were arguing over whether one of them stole a sale from the other. Oh my, it was enough to make my head spin! The two that were arguing talked it out and seem to be getting along now. I love the Christmas season, but I hate what the pressure does to ordinarily nice people, (shoppers and salesclerks). So, needless to say, I have been dealing with my own stress and I am getting this kit out to you a little later than I wanted to. I loved working with this kit and I hope you all enjoy it! Take a deep breath and let your holiday stress go. Remember to give people your smile, you never know what they are going through and your smile just might be just the thing they need. Besides it's FREE just like this kit! Download "Frosty Wonderland" HERE.

If you make some layouts with the kit please send them to me and I will post them here so everyone can see YOUR creative talent! I personally can't wait to see them!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Having a Difficult Week!

Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile. Work has been hectic, my husband home for a week (he would rather I spend time with him after I get off work than on the, and my Great Uncle, Delton, passed away this morning from complications due to a massive heart attack. I have also come down with a sore throat today and am hoping it doesn't get me down.

My oldest daughter and her husband are spending their 10th anniversary in Vail, Colorado in a little villa. She was so excited when I chatted with her a little while ago. She said it is gorgeous and I reminded her to take lots of pics for me to scrap. Their kids (Kendra,9 and Myles, 6) are spending tonight with my pregnant daughter and her husband and I guess she is having a difficult time getting them to bed. LOL! Good practice for her.

The "Frosty Wonderland" QP just hit 600 downloads! Wow! I guess you like it! I know I said I wanted 50 comments and I would give you the kit, but that was before 4shared started requiring email addresses from commentors. I have 41 comments, so I am going to give you the kit just as soon as I can. You can call it a Thanksgiving present from me because it will probably be Thanksgiving Day before I can get it uploaded and on here. But I will have it available to you soon. Thanks for all those wonderful comments, by the way! It sure is good to hear from you.

I hope all of you get to spend some wonderful memorable time with your families for Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Frosty Dreamland and a QP Freebie!

I had a nice long weekend, the first one in a couple of months, so I had some time to work on a new kit that I have called "Frosty Wonderland". I made a QP freebie for you that you can download below. I really like this one with it's pretty blue color and all the snowflakes. The weather here in Missouri has changed to a wintry feel and snow should be falling anytime soon. It has put me in the mood for making this wintry kit. My husband, George, helped alot with this kit. He gave me lots of ideas of what I should include in it; the sled, snowballs, frame, and helped with figuring out the name for the kit. So thank you, dear! He is really starting to get behind me now with designing kits. I think it still drives him crazy that I spend so much time at the computer but he can actually see that this is my passion and I think he is one of my biggest fans now! He was asking me earlier this evening after I finished the kit what it would take for me to start selling my work. I'm not ready to sell yet, so if you want this kit...please leave comments on this freebie and if I get.......ummmm....let's say,50 comments, I will put the whole kit up for free! Considering that almost 300 downloaded the "Vintage Victorian Baby" quick pages it shouldn't be too hard for you!!

I inserted a picture of my new grandson, Nickoli, into this QP.

The FREEBIE QP has no title on it or picture. You can download it HERE! I hope you enjoy it and remember...if I get 50 comments on this QP, you get the kit FREE! And everything in the kit is not shown on the QP!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Layouts of My New Grandson and Layout by Amy

Here are a couple of layouts I have made of my new grandson, Nickoli. I have been sick all day today and had to miss work. Unfortunately I didn't even feel like getting on the computer until now (9:30 pm). All I was able to do was sleep off and on and moan. Hopefully I can get back on track. I hate being sick, I just have too much to do and that I want to get done. I have been working on making new curtains for my living room. I have one more left to make, so hopefully I can get it finished tomorrow.

This next layout was made by Amy. This picture is her and her twin sister in 1963. I love the poem on the tag! Thanks Amy for this precious layout. Amy is a scrapbooker over on the Scrapbook Flair site that I belong to, and if you click on the pic of her layout it will take you to her site there. If you have not joined a site yet, I would recommend that you start there. The scrappers at Scrapbook flair are very nice and friendly and offer lots of encouragement. There are numerous challenges that will give you ideas and give you the opportunity to display your treasured layouts. I will try to put a freebie up for you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Layouts from "Vintage Victorian Baby" kit

This first layout was made by Karla who works in a newborn ICU. She makes name plaques for each of God's precious little ones in her care. Karla, you are a jewel and those babies and their families are so blessed to have you and your obvious love. These next two layouts were made by Micky. This first one she has called "Our Bundle of Joy". I just love the little guy and how she placed the pic, and how the corner of the blanket is turned down so we can catch a look at his adorable face!
This next layout is called "Our Little Sweetheart". And sweet it is! I love the picture frame and the teddy bear on the shelf. This is an awesome layout for such a little cutie-pie.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two More Layouts from Christine

I just checked my email and Christine sent me 2 more layouts she made. She had an idea to use the kit for something other than babies in "Aunt Carrie's Wedding". The ribbon on the left side of the layout is actually a strip of plaid paper. In "Luke's Sleeping" she did a great extraction of baby Luke and then laid him on top of the blanket. I also liked the way she used the letters getting smaller to spell out Shhhh and doubling up the trim for that little extra oomph! Great layouts Christine and THANKS! Does anyone else have some ideas they would like to share? I would love to post them here!

Baby Buggy Freebies For You (Say That 10 Times & Fast)

Here is your freebie for today. You will get both the pink and the blue buggy. I hope you enjoy these! And if you make a layout for me that I can post here on my blog using any of the "Vintage Victorian Baby" kit freebies I will have a SPECIAL gift for you! Hugs from me!And HERE is the link to download!